Transitioning to IOS Development

I believe it is important to listen to yourself and sense if something rubs you wrong. It’s not that I hate backend, I just don’t see myself growing. My preference is to live and work independently, and at this point, with my education and personal predisposition I am inclined to try Mobile development as a career path. I deem my experience in Django and Web development in general (including UI/UX) will help me thrive further.

By no means I am quitting this blog. I am not quitting Django either. If anything, I want to leave myself an opportunity to work as a Full-stack developer in both Web and Mobile development.

Why IOS and now Android? At least for now, I have 0 Android devices and a lot of IOS ones 🙂

I will do blog posts about the transition, and not just from back-end to mobile front-end, but from Python to Swift.

I am adding two more sections – Swift and Career.

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