In 2022 – A wishlist of sorts

I want to fully embrace what it means to be a better team manager.

I want to be more effective – resisting pleas of my inner perfectionist and doing what’s right for the business.

I want to use no-code platforms for quick on-the-go solutions – and not waste hours learning docs and coding and debugging and deploying.

I also want to dive more into scaling and advanced deployment techniques.

And more project analytics/trackers – for sure. No matter the size of the project.

I want to make plans B more too. My code can only be as good as it is not failing people.

More than anything, I want to learn more patience.

In 2021 I tried many things professionally that let me bring my career to a whole new level. I see great perspective in my further development as a specialist. In 2022 I strive to see where I lack and work on it.

Anyhow, I am wishing you all an interesting and happy year.

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