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DjangoKatya – this blog

I started this blog in July 2019 with a post about getting rid of the ‘Confirm Resubmission’ issue with Django Forms and Google Chrome that is still popular so far – every single day people visit it.

Since then I’ve finished dozens of articles of matters that I encountered in my day to day work, primarily on Lingomost. I lost an opportunity to tell you how I’ve configuring my first Django project deployment on a fresh Debian server. But I sure will cover all the important experiences that any Django developer had to go through.

Account activity at Bitbucket

Bitbucket is the place where we host code for Lingomost, therefore I have quiet a lot to show you. Particular ’empty’ weeks are vacations or working on SEO or something like that. It is a constant project I am working on every day.

Bitbucket Activi
Bitbucket Activity

Lingomost is running and only growing bigger every day. I am immensely proud of how far we’ve come and all the potential we are yet to fullfill.

Looking back I see how I denied seeking better practices for the sake of things working here and now. A problem on live server? I gotta fix it ASAP, not time to dwell on details.

Account activity at Github

My account is fairly new, I host code from my examples. Since September I have been working on projects using Django Rest Framework, including an API for a mobile app Astroscope. Problems that I encounter in the process I, as usual, post in my blog.

Coding playgrounds

Doing exercises everyday is a thing I aspire to stick to. I am doing algorithm exercises on a few platforms to keep my mind sharp (but first and foremost to have a source of entertainment playing with code and not videogames)

After making my research, I decided to pursue Codewars.

Another curious website I really want to get back to is CodeAbbey. (upd. January 2021 I fogot my password T_T)