Questions and Answers

What can I do for you? I am a Django developer with some experience in maintaining a website, including SEO optimization and social media presence.

What can YOU do for me? I am looking for a new place to work right now because I crave a new work experience. So far I have been working on modeling databases and pretty much all the things considered Django (including Linux deployment and optimization).

What is my experience with development? I have been mostly working on Lingomost for the last 3 years. There is always some freelance jobs here and there, building websites and snippets. They remain commercial, but recently I’ve started a publish Github account to host code I write for this blog. Read more about my Portfolio.

What is my favorite part of Django development? I thoroughly enjoy incorporating the Django template language on an HTML page. It is when every part of design just comes together, that’s just beautiful.

What is my least favorite part of Django development? Testing some really advanced JS scripts with the real data. Something must go wrong 🙂

What is the purpose of this blog? The primary purpose of this blog is to have a place to store tips and guides I would love to reuse myself. Besides, I use this blog to showcase the range of my professional skills to the world in a way that can be beneficial to me and to the Django/Python community I have always wanted to contribute to 🙂

Why WordPress-powered and not a Django-powered blog? I really wanted to get familiar with it, at some point even get back into PHP, as it still remains a valid and lively community. I plan on migrating to a Django blog in the future, but right now I prefer spending my productive time on work and articles 🙂