macOS (M1/M1 Pro) – ffmpeg with mp3 support and OpenCV

This is not funny – I spent a few evening fixing and fixing and fixing. Now ./configure then make and sudo make, but where is binary? Why is it not is /usr/bin/ OR /usr/local/bin/? Oh you do brew install opencv – but it does not work in terminal? Amazing. I was THIS close to wiping mac os and installing Linux on my macbook guys, THIS CLOSE.

Anyhow it is simple if you do the right thing.

ffmpeg with mp3 support

brew uninstall lame —force
brew uninstall homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg
brew install homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg —with-fdk-aac

In your virtualenv

pip uninstall ffmpeg
pip uninstall ffmpeg-python
pip install ffmpeg-python

And then install OpenCV (it is now working with pip):

pip install opencv-python

[Note] ImportError: cannot import name ‘CaptchaStore’ from ‘captcha.models’

You use django-simple-captcha and just get this all of a sudden.

For me it was that I tried to install Google Captcha or something, it installed captcha or something, I don’t remember.

Basically, do this:

pip uninstall captcha
pip uninstall django-simple-captcha
pip install django-simple-captcha

honesty, everything that could’ve gone wrong has gone wrong this week with my project. I am not impressed anymore.