Django + Froala: style fix

Froala provides a great WYSIWYG editor for Django admin, but on page the styles for django-froala-editor didn’t work no matter what I tried. It didn’t look like what I get at all.

At some point, it was clear that providing a quick fix would suffice. I made a short style sheet to make these styles work on Django templates. It is my example that fits my needs. I don’t eliminate the fact that I failed to find an organic solution to this via package files.

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Copyable table column // 1-minute guide 🌺 🐋

I like Excel for the ability to copy the whole column, and HTML tables don’t normally provide that. As a result, tons of time and nerves spent on copying cell by cell, cell by cell…

My friend and colleague (who btw likes HTML tables but in Adobe Dreamweaver graphic mode) needs a lot of data searched and sorted and put in table, but also copyable. Hm…

So, let’s make HTML tables great!

sidenote In my examples, tables are light blue, and cells are pink.

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